Downtown Development Office

The Downtown Development Office (DDO) is an advocate for Downtown Garland. The DDO strives to coordinate revitalization efforts, policy development, promotional and marketing activities, small business support, and other initiatives that contribute to growing Downtown Garland to its full potential. 

Primary responsibilities of the DDO include managing the implementation of the project plan for the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIF #1), gathering and collectively representing Downtown's interests, and coordinating stakeholder efforts to promote Downtown as a destination.

Beginning in late 2021, the City of Garland will initiate the Downtown redesign project, a construction project aimed at revitalizing the Garland square and surrounding streetscapes. Visit for more information about the project.


  1. Team Downtown
  2. Revitalization Program
  3. Dumpster  Beautification

Team Downtown

Team Downtown is a new volunteer Ambassador program for the Downtown area.

Team Downtown will engage with visitors, help them navigate around construction, and promote local businesses, to ultimately contribute to the Downtown Garland experience.

Apply to join Team Downtown today! Learn more and apply on the Team Downtown webpage.