Western Heights - Where the Heart Is

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Where The Heart Is: Western Heights

2022 Where The Heart Is Meeting: Western Heights mapWe are thrilled to work with residents in the Western Heights neighborhood bound by Shiloh, Walnut, Lawson, and Western. The housing development plats name the subdivisions as Western Heights and Wood Bend Addition.

Activities can range from community events to neighborhood wide beautification projects. 

Contact the Office of Neighborhood Vitality for more information:



Where the Heart Is annually partners with one neighborhood to instigate overall neighborhood reinvestment. Residents work together with City staff, non-profits, businesses, religious groups and volunteers to stimulate positive physical and social change over the year. 

Resident engagement is pivotal to the success of this program. Collectively residents brainstorm ideas, connect resources, identify assets, help neighbors and work together to creatively solve problems and improve their own neighborhood.  

Simultaneously the City of Garland is reinvesting in the neighborhood in various ways for example improving streets, updating street lights, improving park access, educating residents and connecting residents to available resources to improve their homes. 

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