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Structure Demolitions

When demolishing an entire structure (i.e, house, accessory structure with a foundation and/or utilities), the lot or area affected by the demolition shall be filled and maintained to the existing grade. All service utility connections shall be discontinued and capped. The Inspectors will look at the area affected once the area has been filled and returned to grade.

Pool Demolitions

When demolishing an in-ground swimming pool, holes must be knocked in the sides and bottom prior to filling. Without the holes, whether fiberglass or a concrete poured in-ground swimming pool, the pool will eventually float to the top of the ground. The holes allow the water to pass through the pool and keep the base of the swimming pool below ground. Once the holes have been knocked into the structure and all utilities have been discontinued and capped, the Inspector(s) will look at the area affected. With the Inspector's approval, the swimming pool may be filled in.